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Cinnamon Bob Wig Back
Cinnamon Bob Wig Under
shortbread bob wig
shortbread bob wig with part
Buttercup Bob Wig Model
Buttercup Bob Wig Back
Cherry Bob Wig Model 1
Cherry Bob Wig Back
Honeycomb Bob Wig Model 1
Honeycomb Bob Wig back
Coffee Kinky Curly Bob Wig
Coffee Kinky Curly Bob Wig Back

Indulge in the delectable Tasty Collection Bobs, named after various treats, and explore a world of delightful style. Private Label Charlotte offers a range of bob-style wigs in a variety of colors, allowing you to express your unique personality with delicious flair.

Whether you're craving a sweet Cinnamon Bob, a bold Cherry Bob, or a vibrant Shortbread, our Tasty Collection has something to satisfy every taste.

Embrace the beauty of customizable bobs and elevate your look with the finest Tasty Collection from Private Label Charlotte. Treat yourself to a stunning hairstyle that's as delightful as it is fashionable.

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